How can we help?

To encourage patrons to use our shuttle bus service or to car-pool and help us reduce our carbon footprint, a day on the green will be charging a parking fee per vehicle for all events where parking is available on site.

If you CAR-POOL to a day on the green and arrive in a vehicle with 4 or more paying ticket holders you will NOT be charged for parking.

The parking fees go directly towards investing in and supplementing the cost of the bus shuttles we provide to transport patrons to and from local areas.

Please refer to the relevant artist tour page for parking costs at a specific venue.

Over the coming seasons, we will be phasing out the use of single-use plastics through the implementation of water in aluminium cans, reusable bottles for sale and extending the availability of free water on site. We will remove all plastic bags and plastic straws/cutlery/plates.

We will sell reusable quality plastic wine cups at the bars.

We will only allow compostable or reusable plates and cutlery – including drinking straws. All cutlery used by market stalls must be made from FSC-assured wood or compostable material. All plastic cups are biodegradable and compostable.

Disposable single-serving sachets, like those used for sauces or sugar, are not supplied or available anywhere on-site.

We are working with suppliers to reduce the packaging that products are delivered to our event in.

Good-quality reusable plastic water bottles will be available for purchase as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles. These will be refillable at taps across site.

We will continue to work on our waste management processes at our venues to maximise recycling and minimise waste sent to landfill.

Please use our recycling bins. It is not okay to drop litter on the ground. Help us by placing your waste into the correct recycling bins.

Please use the toilets provided. Urinating on the land or in the rivers contaminates the local water supply.

Please use public transport or car-share to a day on the green. Car exhaust is still the greatest contributor to global climate change. Join the 30 per cent of concert-goers that travel to the concerts by public transport and help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Please bring a reusable water bottle. These can be filled for free at all of our free drinking water taps located onsite.

Please use water responsibly. Turn off taps and help us use water efficiently.

Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. They are a fire hazard! They are also a major health hazard if they are thrown on the land - they leach chemicals into the soil and local water supplies.

Please clean up around you. Do your bit and place rubbish in allocated waste hubs when leaving the venue. Bring a reusable rubbish container so you can deposit your rubbish at a waste hub.

Packing a picnic? Please use compostable or reusable plates, cutlery, cups and water bottles. Bring food products unpackaged or in reusable containers.

Please take your chairs, rugs & picnic items home with you. Unnecessary resources are wasted picking up broken chairs, rubbish and drink containers post event.

Please remember that glass is not permitted onsite.

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