Resort Drive , Burswood , Western Australia



Free parking is available in P3, P6 or P8 car parks at Perth Crown Casino. 

Follow the walking track past Bolton Drive and through Burswood Park.

Please refer to our venue map for locations.


  • Train Services

    Located on the Armadale/Thornlie train line, Burswood Station is situated on the north eastern end of Burswood Park. It is a 300-metre walk to the Burswood Park Board administration office, or a 15-minute walk through the park to the Swan River foreshore.

    A second train station, Stadium Station, is located to the far north of Burswood Park, though it is recommended that park visitors instead use Burswood Station for best access to the main picnic areas and river foreshore.

  • Bus Services

    A bus stop is located near Resort Drive, and another near Bolton Avenue for visitors travelling east on Great Eastern Highway.

Burswood Park is located on the dynamic Burswood Peninsula, just minutes from the city and airport. Enriched with the stories of the Whadjuk people and boasting Western Australia's rich flora and fauna, Burswood Park is more than just a park - it's a vibrant hub for diverse events and activations, community engagement and cultural celebration.

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A day On The Green
A day On The Green
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