• ALL drinks are prohibited with the exception of sealed clear plastic bottled still or sparkling water up to 1.5L in size. a day on the green is a licensed event, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase at all venues. Empty translucent plastic bottles can be brought into the venue to use at our free water stations.
  • Metal cutlery, including cheese knives, stainless steel bottles or cups.
  • Selfie and Go Pro sticks.
  • Aerosols, sunshades, tents and tables.
  • Umbrellas, even if it’s raining.
  • Glass - this includes wine glasses, jars, or any other containers or items made of glass
  • Professional cameras (including SLR's & any camera with a removable lens) and sound and video recording equipment. For full details read the answer to 'Can I bring my camera or sound and video recording equipment?' below.
  • Pets (other than assistance dogs). 
  • Beanbags, blow-up air chairs or lounges.
  • No hard coolers, eskis, cooler bags larger than 26L (cabin sized).
  • There will be a security check at the gate and prohibited items will be confiscated. Roundhouse Entertainment does not take any responsibility for confiscated items.

Please click here to view our permitted and prohibited fact sheet.

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