Celebrating 400 Shows

Celebrating 400 Shows

26th October, 2016


Double celebrations at shows in SA & NSW on Saturday November 19

400 shows – like wow!

Since the very first a day on the green was staged on (Australia Day) January 26 2001 in Victoria, it has become one of Australia’s most loved, acclaimed and successful outdoor concert events with nearly three million patrons attending.

This season, which commenced in Mudgee NSW last weekend, a day on the green proudly celebrates its 400th show - but we’re doing it not once, but twice!

By happy coincidence, the 400th show falls on a weekend when two a day on the green events are happening simultaneously.  We’ll be celebrating on Saturday November 19 at Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley NSW with Rodriguez, Xavier Rudd, Russell Morris and Archie Roach and at Peter Lehmann Wines, Barossa Valley SA with You Am I, Something For Kate, Spiderbait, Jebediah and the Meanies.

400 shows is obviously a momentous feat in the turbulent live concert arena. But further to that achievement, a day on the green should be credited for its significant impact in other areas.

The event has turned the Australian touring industry on its head by making wineries must-do locations on both Australian and international artists’ touring schedules. That did not happen previously and not surprisingly, there’s now a plethora of copycat events.

Second, it has injected massive tourism dollars into regional areas like Mudgee, Armidale, Geelong, Launceston and SA’s Clare Valley where local businesses reap huge benefits when a day on the green arrives for the weekend and thousands of music lovers coming to town.

Mid-Western Regional Council Mayor Des Kennedy from Mudgee: “A Day on the Green has been a great addition to the Mid-Western Region’s events calendar for the past 15 years.   The concert brings an annual boost to the local economy as visitors stay for the weekend and enjoy the region’s excellent accommodation, pubs, wineries, restaurants and cafes.  A Day On The Green has shown great commitment to the Mid-Western Region over this time and I congratulate them on this exciting milestone.”

Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association General Manager Jo Harman said: “A Day on the Green was a pioneer of the Concert Vineyard experience and over the past 400 shows has forged a reputation as delivering a first class day of great entertainment.”

The concerts have had an incredibly positive impact on the Hunter Valley with both overnight stays and day tripper visitation benefiting accommodation providers, cellar doors and other businesses.  Most importantly, it has assisted in positioning the region as an exciting food & wine destination and raising our profile in key markets.”

For 16 years a day on the green has also given a stage and valuable exposure to Aussie artists to perform to huge crowds. More than 75 Australian acts have played, with for example, Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly and Richard Clapton each playing more than 30 times while at the other end of the spectrum, it’s been a fantastic platform for young up-and-coming artists who can open the multi-artist bills.

We like to think there’s something special about being out of the city under the stars in a beautiful location that brings out the best in the performers, as there have been countless times when international artists have cited a day on the green shows as the most enjoyable of their tours.  Perhaps that’s why they keep asking to come back – Simple Red, The Pretenders, Leonard Cohen, Chris Isaak, Simple Minds, Bryan Adams and the B-52s are just some of the international artists who are repeat visitors to the winery event.

For Melbourne-based a day on the green promoters Michael and Anthea Newton of Roundhouse Entertainment and their incredibly dedicated team, reaching a 400 show milestone is an achievement to be justifiably proud.

“We have some of the best people in their respective fields working with us and so it’s been a huge team effort,” Michael says. “The truth is that after 16 years we still feel as passionate about our event as when we first started. The idea of getting together with some friends to enjoy good food and wine with great music in a picturesque location is as appealing now as ever.  We continue to want a day on the green to be a great, fun experience for everyone - the bands, the crews, the audience.  And that’s what we do, weekend after weekend every summer. We still love it.”

After 400 outdoor shows (and ask any promoter how much more stressful that is than being indoors – hello mother nature!!!), the milestone is indeed a sweet one.

From the artists:
Jimmy Barnes - “I’ve played many a day on the green concerts over the years both with my band and with Cold Chisel and we’ve always had an absolute blast. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy music, sitting back with your friends in a great location. a day on the green’s support of Australian music should be commended because the line-ups are always first-class.  These guys know how to do it properly. There’s always a good feeling across the whole day which makes it a pleasure to play.”

Ross Wilson – “Music, fresh air, wine, food and thousands of lovers of Australian music all having a good time - that’s A Day On The Green, just how I like it.”

Tim Rogers, You Am I – “From the usual talk of "wine and cheese” and pleasantries, there’s a challenge to put on shows that shake all that pleasantry out of the area, and remind any who doubt that rock’n’roll is not only music to watch but to dance to, and to be moved by. It surely is the most comfortable of venues to play in, but I love the team that put these shows on, and wanna be the reprobate who crashes the party and gets folks moving. It doesn’t always work, but ADOTG have given us chances and challenges, and I’ll bust my pant leg and lungs trying to do it for them.”

Paul Kelly – “Happy people, the great outdoors, food, wine and song - what’s not to love?”

Chrissie Hynde – “… some of our favourite shows of all time.”

From the media:
“Not surprisingly the ADOTG festivals have become the kind of success story that inspires both envy and imitators”. (Sydney Morning Herald)

“If live music is a ray of hope over the relatively gloomy global recording industry, then winery shows are an increasingly shiny beacon of success.  The model that has led the way in this growth market in A Day On The Green. (The Australian)

“Over the last 15 or so years A Day On The Green has become a beloved part of the Australian music scene, putting on great multi-band line-ups in picturesque outdoor winery settings and allowing discerning punters to enjoy top-notch live music whilst indulging in fine wine amidst the festive picnic atmosphere.’   (The Music)

“A Day on the Green always gets its line-ups so right. Violent Femmes, Sunnyboys and Ratcat earlier this year, Simple Minds and Devo back in 2010, Barnsey and The Living End in 2014 – the list goes on and on. Dubbed a ‘Big Day Out for adults’ – it’s a classy festival held at beautiful Australian wineries where good food is plentiful and a good drop of red goes well with the tunes.”  (Jane Gazzo Triple M)

“By now, the idea of A Day on the Green winery shows being associated purely with the baby boomer set should be cast aside.  An event on a single stage, featuring a perfectly programmed bill and, perhaps most importantly, a place to sit down, is a more appealing prospect these days. An amazing line up, relaxed atmosphere and somewhere to sit. What more could you want?”  (Dan Condon Double J)

“Whoever dreamed this line-up into fruition deserves to be amply rewarded for their level of confidence and conviction. As the saying goes, "build it, and they will come”. A highly recommended day out for music lovers of ALL ages.”  (The Dwarf)

“Congratulations to the A Day On The Green promoters for getting this one so right, not that I can recall them ever being wrong ………but each of these wonderful bands complemented each other fabulously.”  (Australian Musician)

The music:
And then of course, there’s the music.  400 amazing, joyous, unforgettable concerts with so many highlights.   And that’s really what it has all been about.

Happy birthday to us!

Some facts: 
* a day on the green presents 30+ events every summer season from late October – April.

* Events completed to date are 102 in NSW, 99 in VIC, 32 in QLD, 39 in SA, 73 in WA, 12 in TAS, 3 in the ACT and 33 in New Zealand.

* Nearly three million patrons have attended a day on the green.

* More than 150 international and Australian artists have performed

* Only four shows have been cancelled due to poor weather and one due to bushfires.

* There’s been four a day on the green CD’s and two television specials.  A fifth CD titled “A Day In The Life (Drive, Picnic, After-Party)” will be released for this season.

* Tours for the 2016/2017 summers season announced to date are:
- You Am I, Something For Kate, Spiderbait, Jebediah & the Meanies (commencing Nov 5)
- Garbage, The Temper Trap, The Preatures, Tash Sultana & Adalita (commencing Nov 26)
- Rodriguez, Xavier Rudd, Russell Morris, Archie Roach & Mark Wilkinson (Nov 19)
- Simple Minds, The B-52s, Models & Machinations (commencing Feb 2)
- James Taylor (February 11)
- Neil Young (commencing April 5)

For the full schedule of concerts nationally, head to    

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