Bus services: Taking the bus to and from the event is the best way to travel to a day on the green. Please check the Bus Services and Transport Information tab on each artist tour page for more information.

Pick up & Drop off: You can be dropped off and picked up from the venue. Please use the dedicated pick up / drop off zone. Drop off and pick up on surrounding roads is not permitted.

Taxis: A dedicated taxi rank is supplied at all events. Please note taxis can be in short supply at the end of the night and we highly recommend that you make alternative arrangements particularly for the larger events. Taxis must drop off passengers inside the venue and no pickups are allowed on the roads outside of the venue.

Ubers: Anyone getting dropped off or picked up by an Uber driver must do so in the dedicated pick up and drop off area. Please note organising a pickup from the site might be difficult due to poor mobile reception.

For private charter buses, minibuses or limousines, please refer to the relevant tour and show page for more information.

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