Vika & Linda

Born of a Tongan mother and Australian father, Vika and Linda grew up in Victoria but maintained close links to the Tongan community.

As children they were always around music and enjoyed singing with the family and also at the Tongan church they attended. They learned singing and harmonies from their mother, but they both have had musical training - Vika actually had singing lessons for a couple of years as well as learning to play the piano and read music.

Their big musical break came in 1988 when Joe Camilleri took the girls into The Black Sorrows as backing singers - this is when the girls profile was raised. Vika was prominent on a couple of their big singles and their reputation grew. During their time with The Black Sorrows, they also performed on other people's songs - people such as Hunters & Collectors, John Farnham and Archie Roach. Whilst working on the Archie Roach CD, they met and started working with Paul Kelly.

In 2002 they brought out the CD entitled Love is mighty close which is more of a country/blues CD. There are 12 tracks all written by Australian artists such as Paul Kelly, Chris Wilson, Cyndi Boste, Rob Snarski and Dan Brodie.

Since that CD, the girls concentrating more on their gospel roots as that is what their public keep asking them for. They altered the band replacing Jeff with Dion Hirini and then performed a three month residency at the Cornish Arms where they played and recorded many gospel tunes. The result of those gigs was the CD entitled Tell the Angels which was released in 2004.

Since that time, they had a break from music when Linda gave birth to her second daughter, Emmikiki, and have now started gigging again allowing for Linda to spend more time as a mother. They have opened a shop in North Fitzroy called Hoochie Coochie, and are also currently writing songs for a new CD, so keep your eyes and ears open for that.

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