DJ Grand Master Baitz

DJ Grand Master Baitz is a day on the green's resident DJ and party master, spinning the tunes between bands at all our concerts.

He has been making his mark in the musical world since he was 10 years old break dancing at high school discos. He spent every spare cent at the local record store collecting vinyl and has more than 2000 records in his collection. His first gig was at a street party back in 1983.

DJ Grand Master Baitz took his spinning skills across the globe playing clubs in London, Sweden, Finland and LA.

He spends his summer's travelling Australia for a day on the green and pleasing the masses with his funky outfits and good vibrations.

With such various and diverse sets ranging from retro, funk, classic rock and pop, chill out, RnB or lounge, DJ Grandmaster Baitz can set the mood for any event.

As DJ Grand Master Baitz says, the beat must go on...

DJ Grand Master Baitz Official Facebook Page